Money Saving Tips from Women in Business

“Everyone knows about Camel Camel Camel.” At least that’s what I thought before I went to the November 20th meeting of East Kent Women in Business where we shared our best money saving tips for business, personal and home. If you’re none the wiser, read on.

Facilitatied by Philippa Dixon, this meeting format was something we had not tried before. Spilt into three groups, one for each category – business, personal and home – we sat around tables covered with paper tablecloths, armed with scented marker pens. Following brief introductions (we are a networking group, after all), we shared our favourite ways to save money.

After 20 minutes of excited chatter each group voted for their top tip and then moved to another table (splitting up in the process order to meet new people). The process was then repeated, so that everyone had contributed to all three categories.

Finally, the whole group voted for their top tip from each category and rewarded the supplier of said tips with a small prize. (One of my tips netted me some excellent chocolate.)

Top Three Money Saving Tips

The crème de la crème of money saving tips were:

1. Use for small projects. It’s a community of people buying and selling services, starting at £5. 

2. Keep all money-off vouchers in an envelope in expiry date order (or in a mobile phone app).

3. Subscribe to the weekly email, which lists all the latest money saving vouchers, deals and offers.

Top Business Money Saving Tips

1. Use for small projects. It’s a community of people buying and selling services, starting at £5.

2. Claim 50p per mile instead of 45p when you have a passenger in your car with you on business.

3. Use with a railcard to book cheaper train tickets in advance.

Other great tips shared included:

Top Home Money Saving Tips

1. Subscribe to the weekly email, which lists all the latest money saving vouchers, deals and offers.

2. Join Utility Warehouse to get cheaper utilities and a cashback card. Contact Shiel Campbell directly to get the best savings.

3. Get Loyalty Cards for the shops you use the most often.

Other great home money saving tips included:

  • Save money on hotel rates with and
  • Get a Tesco Credit Card to collect points which are sent to you in vouchers. These are worth three times more than the face value when redeemed for items such as Eurotunnel tickets and theme park entrance fees.
  • Form an oil syndicate if you live in a village to get cheaper oil.
  • Take advantage of Amazon’s Black Friday Week for excellent prices on various electronic goods.
  • Get cashback on purchases with Quidco or Top Cashback.
  • Get 2 for 1 entry to over 300 gardens with a free card in the April edition of Gardeners’ World magazine.
  • Download the mobile Nectar App to get extra points on your purchases.
  • Get deals on international travel with Travel Zoo.
  • Use and/or a railcard to book cheaper train tickets in advance.
  • Book journeys with Southeastern Trains online to save 25%, plus your 33% railcard discount.
  • Get things for free on freecycle. Get rid of things too and save them from the landfill.
  • Get freebies on Freestuff.
  • Use Groupon for deals on restaurants, spas, holidays and more.
  • Compare your supermarket trolley before you buy with mysupermarket.

Top Personal Money Saving Tips

1. Keep all money-off vouchers in an envelope in expiry date order (or in a mobile phone app).

2. Hire a dress for a big occasion, rather than buying something you’ll only wear once. (I found national company, but there are bound to be local companies too.)

3. Subscribe to QHotels’ email newsletter to get bargain spa days and short breaks. Highly recommended by the EKWiB Committee!

Other great personal money saving tips included:

  • Order extra items to breach the free delivery limit and then send back with free returns. Works with New Look, bound to be others.
  • Save 20% on with the code “EKWIB”.
  • Join residents’ discount schemes. Operational in Whitstable and Canterbury, likely to be others too.
  • Be supermarket savvy. Do your main shop in Lidl or Aldi.
  • Try dress agencies and charity shops first for clothes and accessories.
  • Get big discounts on art exhibitions, galleries and museums with an Art Fund Card.
  • Divert offer emails to a special folder. Prevents inbox clogging and makes it easier to check for discounts when you need to.
  • Make nail polish last longer by adding nail varnish remover when it starts to go gloopy.
  • Scoop out last dregs of lipstick with lip brush.
  • Cut almost-empty toothpaste tubes in half to remove last dregs.
  • Get your “colours done” to avoid buying clothes that neither suit you or match anything in your wardrobe. Contact Jane Wallace at the House of Colour.
  • Read a friend’s Kindle books by logging into their Kindle on your iPad or computer.
  • Mix moisturiser with foundation. Lasts longer and goes on quicker.
  • Get a Santander 123 Current Account to get cashback on all manner of transactions.
  • Get a Boots Advantage Card for points and discounts. You can also collect Advantage points in other stores.
  • Host a “Tupperware” party to get discounts on your favourite products. For example, candles from Partylite (contact
  • Always check for discount vouchers before you make a purchase (try or
  • Use Camel Camel Camel to track Amazon prices. Buy when the item hits rock-bottom.

Well done for reaching the end of this very long article! The dromedary tip is your reward ;)

Written by Rebecca “Ribs” Susiaho

3 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips from Women in Business

  1. jos

    thanks for the tips!

    I personally use Pricenoia (, it’s a tool that compares prices at every amazon store in the world, puts prices in your currency, ads shipping.. has price evolution graphs, alerts, tells you the historic maximum and minimum.. It even has a chrome extension that lets you see historic price charts when you browse on Amazon.. and everything very well presented.

    I hope you like it!

  2. Frances Beaumont

    Great Money Saving tips- a lot of new ideas – I’d never heard of Camel Camel Camel !

    How about reducing your carbon footprint at the same time ? Solar panels (free day time electricity and you earn money too! ) , growing your own salad and fruit , , and making egg- box logs packed tight with dried tea bags ? I know it sounds wacky but they burn a treat!

    I agree about Utility Warehouse- its brilliant and so easy to change – and if you quote E57168 when you sign up it costs you nothing but helps a Dyspraxia Charity every month.
    AND I have an office free 5 afternoons a week if anyone is interested ?

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