Speak with Confidence

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Date(s) - 15/02/2018
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Beaney house of art and knowledge


Speak With Confidence
Release the fear, find your voice
Public Speaking Workshop with Aly Harrold

  • Does the idea of speaking in public make you anxious just thinking about it?
  • If opportunities turn up to share your message from a stage or in front of an audience do you turn them down?
  • Do you watch and listen to other people standing up to speak and wish you could find the confidence to do that?
  • Do you know that speaking could be a great marketing tool for your business, but you just feel so held back by a lack of confidence to ask for those speaking opportunities?

If that’s where you’re at, you are not alone. Public speaking seems to be the one thing that can bring out some of our worst fears! Fears like:

“I’ll forget everything”

“I’ll be boring – I don’t have anything interesting to say”

“I’m no good at speaking in front of people, I’ll be terrible!”

“I will end up making a fool of myself!”

Almost everyone starts from this place. Listening to those negative voices in their head that tell them all the reasons why they shouldn’t get out there speaking.

That’s right. All the amazing speakers you can bring to mind, all had similar fears to what you’re feeling right now when they started.

But they overcame them, and so can you.

They became BRILLIANT speakers – and you can too.

Every journey starts with the first step, so if you have that vision for yourself, to be that person who confidently steps on stage and clearly shares their message and why it matters, this workshop is just what you need.

Cost:  EKWiB Members £50   /  Non-Members £60
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About Aly Harrold: Aly is an award-winning speaker (Kent Speaker Of The Year 2017) and a professional speaking coach specialising in helping entrepreneurial women find their voice to deliver their message to a wider audience within the business arena. She has coached several TEDx Speakers and currently runs workshops and programmes for speakers in the South East & London.

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