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Zest for Life, Zest for Business

You have just woken up. You feel full of energy. Your mind is clear. Your mood is stable, you are mentally sharp and you are fully focused. You look good, feel confident and are on top of life. This is not only how you could be, this is how you should be! Let me show you how. – Lucy Osborne

Lucy Osborne gave an excellent presentation on optimum nutrition to EKWiB members on October 17, 2012. If you missed it, you can get the main pointers here in her edited presentation.

Lucy Osborne is a naturopath, herbalist and zest4life weight loss consultant. Originally qualifying as a physiotherapist Lucy went to study naturopathy at one of Australia’s leading natural therapy colleges, graduating in 2002. Since then Lucy has worked in private practice both in Australia and the UK. Currently living in Kent, Lucy is excited to be working with Foreman & Jones in Hythe.

What could LinkedIn do for you?

February’s EKWiB event was presented by Sharon Wilding from The Purple Edge. It was a great evening with lots of questions from the group – it seems most of us have accounts but could do more with them. Here is the presentation to remind you of the key points.