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New Technology and PR

Embrace new technology, but don’t reject good old-fashioned PR.

There’s no doubt that websites, social networking and face-to-face networking are extremely valuable in promoting a modern business, and I am the first to advocate them as the way forward for my clients.

But as we get swept up in the enthusiasm for new media, let’s not forget the benefits of good old-fashioned PR – getting your company and brands in the press, on radio and TV.

When you’re busy running your own business, you may not take the time to think of aspects of your business day which make interesting editorials . An effective PR consultant gets to know what makes your business tick and has regular contact with journalists, so can suggest relevant and topical themes which are likely to appeal to journalists and their audiences. It may be that you or your employees have just made a great deal of effort to raise money for a deserving charity; or there may be an aspect of your knowledge or experience which readers, listeners and viewers would love to learn about.

When you are featured, you’ll be amazed at the number of people who get in touch to say they’ve seen it. It could be the reason you clinch that contract you’ve been negotiating for months. Former clients you may have lost touch with are convinced to return. People decide that you’re a significant employer they want to work for. And, of course, you’ll attract the new clients you need to expand your company.

So, while I’m busy creating new websites for my clients and encouraging them to spend time networking, I’m also quick to point out the significant contribution that the ‘old’ media makes within a successful marketing mix.