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Money Saving Tips from Women in Business

“Everyone knows about Camel Camel Camel.” At least that’s what I thought before I went to the November 20th meeting of East Kent Women in Business where we shared our best money saving tips for business, personal and home. If you’re none the wiser, read on.

Facilitatied by Philippa Dixon, this meeting format was something we had not tried before. Spilt into three groups, one for each category – business, personal and home – we sat around tables covered with paper tablecloths, armed with scented marker pens. Following brief introductions (we are a networking group, after all), we shared our favourite ways to save money. Continue reading

Don’t Tell Boris But Manston Says It’s No Alternative to Airport Island

A guest blog post by Jules Serkin

I am now officially a “Supporter” of Manston Airport, having added my name to the many fans on www.whynotmanston.orgSadly, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be flying from there any time soon.

To be clear, I love everything about the airport – the low-cost car park, the 2 minute walk to the terminal, the friendly faces of familiar security and check-in staff, the lack of queues at passport control and, on return, the ridiculously quick drive home. Back in the days of the fated EUJet, I was a regular jet set, hopping from Galway to Madrid and back to Planet Thanet in a jiffy.

After interviewing Charles Buchanon, Manston’s chief executive, on Channel Radio’s Business Bunker Show last week, I was ready to give the airport another go. In fact, with my co-host Paul Andrews opening the interview with ‘I’m Going to Barbados’ (whoa!), I practically had my suitcase packed for Coconut Airways flight 372! Continue reading

Starting a Business: the Legal Process

Data suggests that there has never been a more popular time to start your own business. Company registrations are at an all time high in parts of the UK, and evidence suggests that more and more of us are forking out hard earned cash to attend entrepreneurial events.

Getting going with a business is far from easy however. The obvious starting point is an idea, which may be born out of a gap in the market or seeing a product or service and believing you could deliver it better. Then there is the financial side of things to consider – start up capital is of primary importance in the short term, but longer-term profit and sustainability must also be considered. Continue reading

Zest for Life, Zest for Business

You have just woken up. You feel full of energy. Your mind is clear. Your mood is stable, you are mentally sharp and you are fully focused. You look good, feel confident and are on top of life. This is not only how you could be, this is how you should be! Let me show you how. – Lucy Osborne

Lucy Osborne gave an excellent presentation on optimum nutrition to EKWiB members on October 17, 2012. If you missed it, you can get the main pointers here in her edited presentation.

Lucy Osborne is a naturopath, herbalist and zest4life weight loss consultant. Originally qualifying as a physiotherapist Lucy went to study naturopathy at one of Australia’s leading natural therapy colleges, graduating in 2002. Since then Lucy has worked in private practice both in Australia and the UK. Currently living in Kent, Lucy is excited to be working with Foreman & Jones in Hythe.

What could LinkedIn do for you?

February’s EKWiB event was presented by Sharon Wilding from The Purple Edge. It was a great evening with lots of questions from the group – it seems most of us have accounts but could do more with them. Here is the presentation to remind you of the key points.

New Technology and PR

Embrace new technology, but don’t reject good old-fashioned PR.

There’s no doubt that websites, social networking and face-to-face networking are extremely valuable in promoting a modern business, and I am the first to advocate them as the way forward for my clients.

But as we get swept up in the enthusiasm for new media, let’s not forget the benefits of good old-fashioned PR – getting your company and brands in the press, on radio and TV.

When you’re busy running your own business, you may not take the time to think of aspects of your business day which make interesting editorials . An effective PR consultant gets to know what makes your business tick and has regular contact with journalists, so can suggest relevant and topical themes which are likely to appeal to journalists and their audiences. It may be that you or your employees have just made a great deal of effort to raise money for a deserving charity; or there may be an aspect of your knowledge or experience which readers, listeners and viewers would love to learn about.

When you are featured, you’ll be amazed at the number of people who get in touch to say they’ve seen it. It could be the reason you clinch that contract you’ve been negotiating for months. Former clients you may have lost touch with are convinced to return. People decide that you’re a significant employer they want to work for. And, of course, you’ll attract the new clients you need to expand your company.

So, while I’m busy creating new websites for my clients and encouraging them to spend time networking, I’m also quick to point out the significant contribution that the ‘old’ media makes within a successful marketing mix.